Interactive AI Shopping

"Robots will eventually take over the world anyways, so why not start buying from them now?"


Why use a search bar to shop when you can take a quiz and have a robot do it for you?


Find gifts for that perfect man in your life. Husband, Dad, Son or "just a friend".

Take the Quiz


Find personalized beauty and skin products based on your personality, lifestyle and skin type.

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Never buy the wrong gift for your Wife or GF again! Use AI to find unique items perfect for her!

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It's like WISH meets the Wendy's Twitter for shopping. Genius. 

B. Gates

I've never laughed so hard while shopping before. What is this?

E. DeGeneres

This is a whole new way to find random things to buy I didn't know I needed.


Where Shopping Gets Smart

Let our team of robots shop for you

Our expert AI team of trained robots are ready to provide you with the "best worst shopping experience you'll ever have!" We have bots of all shapes, colors and backgrounds. Some are experts on men, video games and sports gear. While others focus on beauty products, gizmos and whatchamacallits. 

Each bot on our team is an individual with their own attitude, personality and spunk. We'll warn you, some may get pissy if you say the wrong thing. Every bot provides a unique and personalized shopping experience to find you just the thing you wanted, or didn't know you wanted but have to buy right now. 

Shipping here is very much like WISH , it could be 5 days, it could be 5 weeks, either way its a fun suprise! 


Get 10% OFF your first purchase and early access to personalized AI shopping

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